March Membership Drive!

Hello Saratoga Babywearers!

We are little late getting this announcement out, but for the entire month of March, we are having a membership drive!  We need you to join us and help spread the babywearing love throughout the Capital Region.  For every new annual membership we gain this month, BWI will enter our chapter into a drawing for $100.  If we win, we’ll be able to use that money to provide more babywearing resources to our community.

Why should you join us?  BWI of Atlanta has provided this awesome list of reasons (which I have copied nearly word-for-word, only changing the details to make it accurate for our group):

Reason 1: We need you to help us keep going.  

BWI of Saratoga, just like all the other BWI chapters, is completely, totally, absolutely 100% volunteer-run.  The Volunteer Babywearing Educators – there’s that word, volunteer – are so passionate about babywearing that they devote hours every month to help complete strangers.  We currently hold 2 meetings each month and we only have 2 VBEs.

We spend countless hours outside of meetings answering questions on the Facebook page, writing blog posts, compiling information, building a lending library, writing helpful documents for the chapter meetings, and participating in the mandatory VBE round tables.  We’ve been tested multiple times by BWI and we’ve had years to build up experience and knowledge.

We don’t get paid for this.  We love what we do; we get paid in gratitude.  We get paid every single time a fussy baby falls asleep in a sling, every single time a tired, worn-out caregiver looks up and gives us a radiant smile.  We live for these moments.

But we need you to become members so that we have the funds to grow, add more meetings, add more educators, and see more smiles.  We need you to help by chipping in a yearly fee of $30.

Reason 2: This is important to you.

You might already be a babywearer.  You might even be a babywearing proselytizer.  Your life has been taken over by Facebook swap groups and the for sale or trade forum on The  You keep coming to meetings even though there isn’t anything else for you to learn.  You’ve had so many moments when you’ve wished you had some pamphlets or business cards to hand over as you gush about how great babywearing is.

You are a babywearing addict.

We can help you with that.  We can help you help others…but only if you help us.

More seriously, we all believe in the benefits of babywearing.  We’ve seen first hand how it decreases crying, helps build secure attachments, aids in reflux, provides tummy time, and encourages strong bonds between infants and caregivers.  We’ve seen how quickly babies calm down once they’re in a carrier and in motion.  We’ve read the studies on how babywearing helps regulate temperature and heart rate for newborns and premature babies, how the simple act of a caregiver’s constant touch lends strength to those who need it.  This is important to us, and this is important to you.  That’s worth $30.

Reason 3: Membership can be a fantastic deal.

What happens if you or someone you know is struggling financially but still needs a quality baby carrier?  What happens when the carrier you have isn’t the one that fits your needs?  $30 a year allows members to check out any carrier in the lending library for a month at a time, 12 months a year.  This is an unbelievably good deal.  This is better than finding a carrier on Craigslist.  This is better than hunting down sales online or at Babies ‘R Us.  This is better than that steal you got at the consignment store.

An annual membership costs you $30, and your local chapter (that’s us!) gets to keep $20 of that.  We will use the funds from this month’s membership drive to expand our library and bring you the carriers you have been asking for.  Every 6 memberships will allow us to add another carrier to our library:

  • 6 memberships: Standard Kinderpack
  • 12 memberships: Toddler Tula
  • 18 memberships: Kokadi 100% cotton wrap, size 6
  • 24 memberships: Didymos Linen Indio, size 7
  • 30 memberships: Natibaby hemp blend wrap, size 5
  • 30+ memberships: ???

If all of that wasn’t incentive enough for you to join us, we will also be giving away a Boba Sleepy Wrap at our first April meeting.  All current annual members will be entered into the drawing!

In case you’ve forgotten the other perks of joining BWI, allow me to remind you.  Your membership not only supports us and gives you access to our lending library, but you also will receive a 5% discount on carrier purchases and a 50% discount on BWI-led classes at The Bundle Store in Ballston Spa.  Additionally, members will be able to purchase BWI of Saratoga swag at a discounted price when we place an order in the future.  We will host special members-only workshops and events a few times throughout the year, as well.  I can assure you, membership is worth your $30!

Click here for more information and instructions on how to join!