Our VBEs

VBELaureE Laura E  has been babywearing since her daughter was born in 2012. “My first carrier was a Moby wrap that I just couldn’t quite get the hang of. I love SSCs for quick ups and downs and woven wraps for longer durations. A double hammock is my go-to if we’re going to be walking for a bit, but I will do a quick ruck if it’s a fast trip. I think I would have starved early on without babywearing. It was just me and baby for a month, and being able to put her on my back meant that I could eat, clean, and take care of other things while having her close and happy.Wrapping and using an SSC are my babywearing strengths. I struggled with getting a good seat, and still do sometimes. My daughter is a notorious seat popper. I also struggled a lot with stretchy wraps, and ended up moving to a RS pretty early on. Finding the right carriers for me has made all the difference.”

cutmypicRebekah B has been babywearing since her daughter was born in 2010.  “My daughter was born while my husband was deployed.  Babywearing wasn’t optional for me, it was a means of survival for those first few months before he got home!  I started with a woven wrap that I just couldn’t figure out.  I moved on to SSCs and never looked back.  When my son was born in 2012, babywearing became an even bigger part of my life.  By that point I had gotten involved in the babywearing community and was able to successfully learn to use woven wraps.  SSCs will always be my first choice when it comes to choosing a carrier, but wrapping has a special place in my heart now too.”


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