Our Lending Library

Our lending library is one of our favorite resources for the community.  We use it to teach during our meetings, but we also give our members and attendees the opportunity to borrow carriers from our library for one month.  One of the perks of membership is free access to our library.  Members simply fill out the check-out form at the end of a meeting and can use our carrier until our meeting the following month.  We also allow non-members to borrow carriers for a $10 fee.  This fee can be applied to membership dues if the borrower decided to join at the next month’s meeting.

Our lending library currently contains the following carriers:

Stretchy Wraps:
Baby K’Tan
Boba Sleepy Wrap
Moby Wrap

Pouch Slings:
Hot Slings
Seven Slings

Ring Slings:
Comfy Joey Silk Toddler-Width RS
Sleeping Baby Productions WCRS (Eesti shoulder)
Sleeping Baby Productions Linen RS (SBP shoulder)

Woven Wraps:
Didymos Goldfische with 40% Linen – size 5
Heartiness 100% Linen – size 6
Storchenewiege Eric – size 5

Mei Tais:
Anaira Creations WCMT
Freehand Mei Tai

Baby Bjorn One
Beco Gemini
Beco Soleil
Chimparoo Trek
Ergo Original
Infantino Union
Lillebaby Complete
Lillebaby Complete Airflow
Olives & Applesauce (old style)

Please note: This page is simply an inventory of our lending library carriers, it does NOT show availability of specific carriers at any given time.



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