Carry of the Month: Front Wrap Cross Carry

Please read our disclaimer before attempting this carry.

For our first carry of the month, we thought something basic would be appropriate.  If you’ve never wrapped before, front wrap cross carry (FWCC) is a great place to start!  It’s perfect for squishy newborns and big kids who want front snuggles alike.  It’s also a great beginner carry because you can do a lot of the wrapping before putting the baby in the wrap.  It also teaches strand-by-strand tightening, which is an integral part of getting a secure carry in a wrap.

Most people will need a size 6 wrap to do this carry.  If you are larger or have a big toddler, you may need more length (size 7 or 8) and if you are smaller you may be able to use a size 5 for even a 4.  Whatever size you need to accomplish FWCC is called your base size.  We use “base size” as a reference point when teaching carries with woven wraps, so take note of what size you find most comfortable for this carry!  Also note that FWCC can also be done with a stretchy wrap (like a Moby or Boba Sleepy Wrap).

We aren’t quite set up to do our own photo or video tutorials yet, but check out this video tutorial from BWI of Hampton Roads and be sure to add your photos to the COTM album in our Facebook group!

Check back soon for our own photo tutorial (I hope), as well as an update about our first meeting!